Why Choose Toowoomba Property Listings for

Property Management 

“Sleep easy at night knowing your investment is professionally managed”

Our priority is to provide you, our client, the best in professional property management.
The team is experienced,  passionate and dedicated to maintaining the utmost level of  service that has made Toowoomba Property Listings a respected name in the industry.
Toowoomba Property Listings believes communication is the key to success. 

We will manage your property investment utilising the latest in real estate software and technology to ensure that your investment is tailor-made to suit your budget and expectations.

Feel confident in the knowledge that your asset is now in good hands.

Vast knowledge of the local area lets us stay ahead of the game and affords you the benefit of receiving such information on all relevant data and insight into the current market trends on a regular basis.

All our Landlords are notified prior to the commencement of any repairs or maintenance required to your property with ample time for your perusal and approval.
All trade contractors engaged hold the relevant trade licences and appropriate professional liability insurances current to date. 
Our contractors abide by the preferred turn-around times allocated for repairs and maintenance for the property and comply with the requested deadlines issued. 
Emergency works required to the property after hours are also “No Worries” as we have a 24/7 after hours hot line available, complete with a designated property manager to assess the situation and liaise with your tenants as well as the trade contractors if necessary.

Lease renewal agreements are also scheduled well in advance allowing your property to be tenanted with minimal or no loss of revenue to you as the Landlord. 
Your dedicated Property Manager conducts a rent review for every lease renewal or vacancy scheduled for your property. 

With years of experience in property management behind us, we know what it takes to be recognised as the authority in our chosen field of expertise. 

As our agency is portfolio based, as such, selecting Toowoomba Property Listings as your preferred property management team, means that you are automatically allocated one of our hard working  managers to personally provide the best professional service available.
We are proud of the level of comfort enjoyed by all our clients that comes with the piece of mind knowing the name of our competent staff member willing and capable of instantly answering any question that may arise during the management period of your property.

Toowoomba Property Listings offers our clients the understanding and support to accommodate all situations including tribunal hearings or mediation with the RTA (Rental Tenancy Authority) if required and necessary. We also know the true meaning of personalised service and are well versed in the complexities of property management if you want to ensure a successful and prosperous outcome for your clients.

The Agency’s stringent policies and procedures are adhered too by all staff members at all times. 
No corners are cut nor short cuts taken, especially when it comes to routine property site inspections and tenancy applications. All tenant inductions are screened and vetted using the most current tenancy software available to research a prospective tenant’s rental history prior to submission for the Landlord’s acceptance and approval. 

Our clients are provided with a detailed written report three times a year, complete with photographs demonstrating and outlining the condition of the property, tenant cleanliness and any maintenance issues that may be evident at such time. 
All bookkeeping transactions recorded on our client’s behalf  are processed through a rental portal and will be disbursed twice a month in accordance with current statutory property laws and regulations.

Landlords are also welcome to attend such routine property site inspections, if so desired, and need only to contact their property manager to arrange a suitable time to accompany them.
All Entry and Exit Reports are also detailed with photographs with vacating tenants provided with a full “Vacating Pack” outlining all relevant responsibilities, expectations and requirement. 

The Tenants water usage is monitored (in house) with the actual water consumption being invoiced three times a year to the tenant non reliant on the issuing of council rates annually. 
Please note that a Water Compliance Certificate will be required for the property to confirm that it is indeed rated 3 star thus allowing that the total water consumption is passed on to the tenant.

At Toowoomba Property Listings, we are constantly striving and committed to providing our clients with the best and friendliest service possible.  

Join us today and start receiving excellence in professional advice and guidance for your valued property investment asset.
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